How to make eye care?

The aging eyes, the most exposed your age. So girls need to focus on eyes care . You don't want to looks older, right? Then come and learn how to do eye care!

First, correctly apply eye cream

Eye care need to partitions . Lower eyelids are most likely to breed dry water lines, ripe age wrinkles, annoying fine lines and so on .But only to care the Lower eyelids  skin complement nutrition, and ignoring the upper eyelid, which isn't a good choice.
The right way to apply eye cream : Under eye skin is to pay attention to  moisture, upper eyes and skin should pay attention to is compact, lightweight eye cream to enhance your eyes and skin tolerability.

Second, proper use of eye serum

Eyes lit up with makeup give eye skin feet light, which can make eyes look clear and moving. High moisturizing eye cream should be used first to increase the skin's moisture. Then use eye dedicated base makeup products,Reduce the canthus prolapse .

Third,Prevented the eye of the Sun

Eyes more need sunscreen
Eye skin more weakness than the facial skin.  Using isolation products on the skin around the eyes.
It not only help skin resist the dust in the air and microwave radiation, but also reduce the burden of eye makeup products eye skin.

Four, learned to draw eye liner

Wanted eye makeup to looks young, try white paired with dark make eyeliner natural . Use white eyeliner drawn back and forth two or three times, until the color saturation can be special emphasis on the eye , and then decorated with cotton swabs.

Five, Eyelash

Coating on the increasing effect of mascara, back and forth a few times, enhance the effect. Lilash Eyelash growth liquid may be the better choice.

Six,  Get rid of daily bad habits

Such as: don't narrowed eyes see things, as if you has myopia, and astigmatism should wearing glasses, correction vision.  Do not ignore baggy, refer to the cause, and the remedy. Make-up Remover, don't pull on the skin; should replenish moisture in the dry environment, or wrinkles will also rise.

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