Role of the eyelashes

Many people think that the long, dense, dark lashes looks beautiful. But the physiological functions of eyelashes can not only increase the beauty of the human body, but also  have eye protection effect.

Eyelash can protection for your eyes. It is a "band" of  the eye , which can cover the eyes to avoid glare, and to prevent dirt from falling into the eye. The camel eyelashes are very long, up to 10 cm .Otherwise, it is difficult to stop in the desert sunshine and storm damage.

Human eyelash number on the upper eyelid is about  100 ~ 150 , and eyelash on the lower eyelid is about 5 ~ 75. Human eyelash is about 6 ~ 12 mm long.Usually, childhood eyelashes is longer, more curved and looks better.

Eyelashes are constantly updated, and its average life  is only 3-5 months. After shedding about 1 week to grow new lashes, achieve the length in 10 weeks.

LiLash Eyelash growth liquid can promote Eyelash growth, improve the symptoms of hair follicle growth does not recover from illness symptoms, make lashes longer. When you use  the LiLash for about 20 days, you will feel eyelashes have become dense and longer; Continue to use you will see more and more dense, more become warped! And grow eyelashes will not change with the metabolic drop length. 

LiLash Eyelash Serum

  • Jul 27, 2016
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