Magic eye beauty cannot leave sexy eyelashes,  how can false eyelashes  to produce natural beauty ?! Only Lilash can let you become  a  natural magic eye girl without makeup !!

LiLash Eyelash Growth Serum  is the  best selling eyelash growth liquid in the world, which can let  you have coveted sexy, long eyelashes easily. LiLash can increase the density of hair follicles and eyelash length and roughness, by regulating and promoting the metabolism of eyelash hair follicles, giving you a natural eyelash growth experience.

Say goodbye to the false eyelash multifarious  makeup application, no longer to be a PS girl, and even needn't worry about the huge psychological gap after discharge makeup. You just only need to use eyelash growth liquid to wipe the eyelids (eyelash root) every day , and 30 to 40 days later, the magic eye will appear on your face. If you have long eyelashes already, you can also use the LiLash to enhance brightness, conditioning the hair follicle, reducing the eyelash fracture.

Usage:  once a day, in the morning or night before go to bed (advice night is better).Clean eyelid, then useing it after skin was dry, and  please wait 2-3 minutes before you use other cosmetics; 

Tips: LiLash eyelash growth liquid is a kind of high concentration of eyelash growth essence, only need 1 to 2 drops at a time. In addition, remember that tightening the cap after use, so as not to evaporate.

LiLash Eyelash Conditioner

  • Aug 03, 2016
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