Thick long eyelashes make eyes charming, baby with a big eyes glitter glitter  always easy  access to boys of all ages, every beauty wants to have a long curling lashes.But how can we do that? Today I'll tell you 6 ways to grow eyelashes, let you have a glamour lashes easily.

1, Apply Vitamin E

Vitamin E is very common in the pharmacies ,which is kind of golden capsules. Prick the capsule and coated lashes with a toothpick every day.But it is prone to fat particles.

2, Apply Vitamin A, Vitamin D, or cod liver oil

Someone believe that  Vitamin E could grow eyelashes is because the cod liver oil (VAD) in action, rather than Vitamin E.So someone use VD apply eyelashes could get very good results.

3, Apply olive oil moisturizes the Eyelash

Pure olive oil have an effect of nourishes the hair, and it can contribute to Eyelash ,too. But it is prone to fat particles.

4, Apply leftover overnight tea

Before going to bed, use tea overnight bag or soak overnight coated lashes with a cotton ,could make the  Eyelash growth. Some people recommended green tea,I think every kind is ok.

5, The appropriate trim Eyelash tips

Someone says cut eyelashes ,the new growth will longer than before, but the effects vary from everyone ,It may be better for children, but adults maybe  don't  have a try.

6, If you are lazy to follow long list then you can try out LiLash Eyelash , which can be a good process to grow eyelashes. 

Lilash serum is the most powerful and fastest lashes conditioner.Giving your lashes incredible change in a short time.It will come ture that you have always dreamed of the natural longer,darker and fuller eyelashes through strengthen and conditioning the lashes follicles.Oil-free ingredients keep your eyelashes healthy and clean,Lilash Eyelashes serum is the most effective products that you can trust. Natural ingredients,no irritating, no redness.

lilash serum

  • Aug 08, 2016
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