Having A pair of big eyes can make people looks more beauty , then how to let eyes looks bigger?

There are two ways to make eyes  bigger.

First, Surgery.Double-fold eyelids, or open his eyes.  Second, Makeup. Master the appropriate make-up method can be have a large eyes.

Girls can draw eye shadow,which can get a beautiful big eyes:

Step 1 : lift the eyelid, beginning from the end of the eye with a eyeliner rendering. Lift the upper eyelid with a finger, so you can more easily use the roots of eyelashes eyeliner to fill the gap.

Step 2 : description from the front corner to the middle of the eye, and connected with the end of eye line, 

Having thick and long eyelash can let an eye looks bigger, too. lilash serum is one of the most popular eyelash growth products , it can make your eyelash longer and denser in a short time. It is your best choice.

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  • Aug 11, 2016
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