How to eliminate pouch

With the increase of age, years of erosion, the pouch of eye began uninvited.Pouch severe impact the beautiful image. If you want to regain the confidence, dispel pouch is imperative. Now lilash official  share with you some methods of dispel pouch.

1, Ice tea compress

First,Put a small cup of tea in the efrigerator freezer for about 15 minutes. Second, use a small piece of cotton soaked in tea. Then put the cotton on the eyelids, so that we can dispel pouch, and reduce dropsy of pouch

2, The eye massage

Before going to bed with the ring finger in the eye belly soft reduction central position 10 times, consistently every night to relieve puffiness problem. Do more eye exercises during leisure time, and more massage acupuncture points around the eyes, increase blood circulation and accelerate,so that to reach the eye of peripheral blood cells will active.

3, Makeup cover method

 When you get up in the morning and found eye bags , and you are in a hurry to go to work, you can skillfully use cosmetics to cover it.

  • Aug 18, 2016
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